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gourmet cuisine, restaurants and recipes
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Welcome to the LJ community for foodies! While the group was primarily founded as a resource to exchange gourmet recipes, it is not intended to be a retread of the Food Network's site. Members are also welcome to discuss exceptional restaurant experiences, menus they've created for special occasions, chefs, and other things related to haute cuisine. In other words, please don't post your dad's meatloaf recipe unless your dad happens to be one of the Iron Chefs. :)

Also, for longer entries, please use the lj-cut tag.

Note: Many of you now have digital cameras. They're a great means of sharing pictures of gourmet meals you've had, however, they do slow down Friends pages. In light of this, all images must be behind an LJ-cut tag. No exceptions! Additionally, all of the images should be no larger than 640 x 480, out of deference to those running at lower screen resolutions. Finally, please note in the post that there are pictures behind the cut. Thanks!

Additionally, we ask that posters and respondents be polite and courteous. Please keep longer posts behind an lj-cut tag. Posts and icons used in the community should be "work safe." No nudity, profanity, sweeping generalizations, or otherwise vulgar/inappropriate content in the icon and/or the post. This community is viewed by people of all ages, so please be considerate and use proper netiquette. Also, no "l33t speak": no abbreviations like "kkthx" or "u" (for you). We have people from all over the world viewing our community, and it's hard enough to understand English sometimes without using specialized jargon.

Also, please do not post promotions for other communities, or make posts concerning the sale or promotion of any product, web site, or item, without asking the moderator first (you can do this in my private journal).

This community is maintained by entj.
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