klarfax (klarfax) wrote in ljgourmet,

Deep frying in butter (ghee)

After looking over the Wikipedia entry on smoke point and noticing that ghee had a very high smoke point, I decided I'd try to use it to deep fry with.

I generally followed the guidelines in this article (using a coffee filter rather than cheese cloth), and it looked like it came out ok but it's possible I cooked it too long.

I then put the ghee in a small deep fryer and tried to deep fry some cheese sticks at 350 degrees. As it was heating, I noticed that the ghee looked like it was turning somewhat darker. When I put in the food, I got excessive foaming.

What went wrong here? Has anyone tried deep frying in ghee, and has it been successful? Did I overcook the ghee, causing the foaming? This seems odd to me since the deep fryer temperatures are probably higher than the ghee making temperatures--I just wouldn't think that a little extra cooking would render the ghee inappropriate for deep frying, assuming ghee is ever appropriate for deep frying.

Should I use the remaining ghee or toss it out?
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