mopalia (mopalia) wrote in ljgourmet,

What do you do witha whole pork shoulder...

I never expected to find a whole pork shoulder at Safeway, complete with outer skin, bone in, all 11 pounds of it.  I know at one time I had lots of recipes for cooking one, but I never found one in the market. Now, I have one and, you guessed it, no recipes.  After a load of Googling, I've found several for pernil, but Mexican style seasoning isn't a favorite in our house.  Anyone got any ideas from a different culture?  If not, I guess it's Bittman's pernil, although it will make me cry.  A lot.  (The onions, not Bittman.)  I'm already assuming 11 hours or so of cooking at a low temp - sure hope it gets cold again soon.  (Yeah, I live in CA, and it's been 70 degrees lately.)

Any suggestions greatly appreciated - other than moving to Minnesota for the cold.  ;).
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