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Food in Dresden and Berlin - Part 2

For anyone in interested in two more days of gastronomic indulgence, please read on!

Sunday dawned reasonably bright and sunny while we ate breakfast:

It was just as impressive as the day before:

There followed some serious tourism, but we had to break for a hot drink mid-afternoon. A white chocolate laced with strawberries and strawberry liquer was just the thing to thaw me out even if the colour was probably too pink for many.

After more exploring, that evening we had a reservation at the Hotel Buelow Residenz, in the Carrousel restaurant, which is widely touted as Dresden's best (though it was going to have to go some to outclass the Maurice). They didn't let us down, and we had yet another wonderful dinner. We started with drinks in the very pleasant cellar bar (where they fed us round 1 of the amuse bouches - a beef tartare with potato cake, a mini-pizza, and some brawn):

After a while we moved up to the restaurant, where we were first fed another unadvertised starter, this time of trout, brandade of trout, and a smoked trout soup:

Then it was on to the starters for real, with foie gras again featuring, this time with dark chocolate, and with various apple combinations to undercut the richness of the liver:

As Lynne and I couldn't decide which of the evening's two menus to opt for, we'd done a deal to eat half each of each course and then swap. So that meant we also had tuna with beetroot:

The next course was scallops (no photo I'm afraid) or wild salmon with a lentil gravy:

We then moved onto the mains, which were a choice between duck with red cabbage and mushrooms:

Or venison with ginger cabbage and celeriac puree:

Wonderful food, and served at a sensibly slow pace again, so we didn't end up stuffed and out of there in an hour and half as you would in so many places. Finally we'd made it to dessert, and it was either a medley of pears (which I again failed to get a shot of) or a stollen parfait, which was just incredible, with all the flavours you'd expect, and which pulled off the neat trick of being light and incredibly rich at the same time. Very clever indeed!

And to finish the job neatly, another selection of petit fours!

After that we surrendered and ordered a cab back to our hotel where we finished off the Champagne we'd brought with us and enjoyed the view from Heather's room, before retreating to bed!

Monday was a day when we didn't have a great deal planned apart from getting to Berlin for our flight back. As that wasn't until much later in the day, there was no great rush, although Steffy had requested lunch in Berlin, presumably just in case we never got to eat again!

So lunch it was. The restaurant we'd booked, Traube, was close to Unter den Linden and Friedrichstrasse and also tunred out to be very good indeed (as well as beautifully decorated for Christmas).

Of course the quality of the meals may well be because we now take recommendations only from the Michelin guide (if it's available) for whichever country we are headed for, after a particularly disastrous experience in Italy a couple of years back that saw us have a dreadful meal with the most inept service imaginable. Whatever the reason, the resulting lunch kept us happy for a couple of hours. We started with one last glass of Sekt of course:

After that it was pumpkin soup with prawns again, this time with a Jerusalem artichoke foam:

This was followed by venison for some of us:

While others had lamb:

Or "eagle" fish (otherwise known as meagre apparently):

Finally, we'd all reached the point of no return and no one could manage dessert, so we had coffee before heading out for a short stroll along the Spree, before we drove to the airport to fly home.

For more food photos you can go here for the Caroussel, here for the breakfast room of the Hotel Suitess, and here for the Traube.

For a full description of the touristy stuff, Day 3 is here and Day 4 is here.
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